My Stor

Baking is a passion of mine. For as long as I can remember I have loved to create in the kitchen and enjoyed sharing those creations with my family and friends.

Most of my adult life I have suffered from bloating and cramping after I ate. In 2005 I found out I had a condition called gluten intolerance and all of a sudden, how I felt after I ate made complete sense.

At first I thought that if I just cut back, that things would be fine. But that wasn’t to be. I had to go all out and change my whole diet.

I found that the Gluten Free breads and pastries out there were like eating cardboard, there was no flavor and everything just fell apart. In short, there just weren’t a lot of good tasting options out there that I was happy with. This made it hard to stay focused on my gluten free diet. So I continued to suffer.

Getting fed up with eating food that tasted like cardboard and not staying focused on my diet because of it, I decided to bake my own breads and pastries.

I searched the internet for gf recipes, did some dabbling here and there. One day my sister gave me a gf recipe book which introduced me to a whole new world of making meals and baked goods that actually tasted good!

Becoming gluten free is a way of life and took a little getting used to. You definitely have to acquire a taste and get used to the texture of gluten free eating. But there is no reason why it can’t taste good.

With my passion for being in the kitchen, it only made sense to me that I continue to provide gluten – free products for anyone seeking nutritious alternatives to wheat –based products.

Happy healthy gluten free eating!

Winner of Best dressed Farmer at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market 2011 contest