Everything That You Need To Know About Rick Simpson Oil and Its Benefits

In the world of medical marijuana, you are most certain to come across a form of cannabis that is known as Rick Simpson Oil which is also known as RSO. Rick Simpson Oil is a form of cannabis oil that is concentrated and is also known to have medical benefits. When it comes to having medical benefits it is important to know what is rso.

The obvious question that will inevitably hit your mind is about the origin of this oil and how it came to existence. Of course, you will also be curious to know who Rick Simpson is. To get answer to all your questions that are arising out of curiosity, here are the details that you would love to know about this oil.what is rso

The Story of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is basically a man from Canada who worked as an engineer with a Canadian hospital back in 1997. His worked in the boiler room of the hospital for covering up the asbestos on the pipes of the hospitals using aerosol glue. The poorly ventilated condition of the boiler room did have a bad impact on the engineer; he suffocated from the toxic fumes chocking his nervous systems temporarily. In due course of his work he collapsed and was later taken to the emergency room.

A few years later Rick noticed three bumps on his arm. After consultation with the doctor, it was clear enough that the bumps were cancerous and so proved the biopsy reports. In 2003 it was revealed that Rick Simpson was suffering from skin cancer. At this point, you might be wondering the relation of RSO with the story and what is rso anyway.

Rick Simpson Oil for treating cancer

Generally, when affected with any form of cancer people get panicky and loses all hopes of survival despite not reaching a critical stage. Taking a cue from some of the previous experiments that he had conducted by ingesting Cannabis oil where he also used the same oil from the other illnesses he suffered he decided to take a chance for using the what is rso oil directly on the affected areas of his skin.

His new experiment did not go wrong and the results were exactly at par with his expectations. The cancer lesions started to fade from his skin. This was when Rick Simpson also gained motivation for sharing his personal discovery with others.

what is RSO oil

The discovery of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson’s discovery of Cannabis oil treating cancer lead him to the discovery of Rick Simpson Oil. He began growing Cannabis by himself on his own property despite being ignored by the physicians.

He started with the extraction of oil from the plant and also shared with as many patients it was possible. His plants were destroyed several times by the law enforcement but he still carried on with his experiments for researching what is rso. Rick Simpson continued with the production and also shared with people in need.

Can CBD be used against Cancer?

oil for cancer

Hearing that someone near and dear has cancer can be heartbreaking because there is no foolproof cure for it, but there is a lot of suffering and eventual death for people with late-stage cancers. While chemotherapy, surgery and alternative therapies can be effective in curing to slowing down the progress in some stages, but for those treatments to work, the type of cancer along with its stage has to be determined.

So when talking about the usefulness of CBD oil for cancer, it has to be talked about in the context of different types of treatments.

But one thing has to be noted first- CBD isn’t a magical cure which will work by simply ingesting it to get rid of cancer. This was a misinformation spread when cannabis was illegal. The bottom line is that it needs to be treated like any other medicinal substance and that it shouldn’t replace other components which treat and target cancer in various other ways.

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The Problem with Chemo and effects on CBD

Chemotherapy is effective in targeting cancerous cells because it is highly toxic. But there isn’t any chemotherapy treatment which can target cancer specifically. While it does eliminate some forms of cancer and extends the life of patients, they also suffer a lot of pain. CBD on the other hand:

  • It stops cancer growth and kills those cancerous cells.
  • It has the potential to fully revolutionize the field of cancer treatment since it has both pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative effects.
  • The compounds found in CBD, including THC, doesn’t have those unwanted psychotic effects
  • CBD doesn’t target to the entire body like chemotherapy, it specifically targets the cancer cells and leaves the rest of the body and brain untouched.
  • Previously, CBD was just used to reduce pain, but not to fight cancer itself.

Neuroblastoma and the effects CBD

It is a common form of solid cancer found in children. In cases of advanced stage neuroblastoma, the results are poor even paired with aggressive forms of treatment. Moreover, there belongs term damage to organs which will require additional treatment after cancer gets cured. CBD has shown that positive indications that it can be used against neuroblastoma.

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Brain Cancer and the effects CBD

Brain cancer is difficult to treat and is aggressive. CBD has shown efficacy and promising results regarding it. It is possible that with more research it can help in not just comforting the, but also fully helping them to recover.

Lung Cancer and the effects CBD

It is also very resistant to treatment and it has been seen that chemo and surgery have mixed results but CBD is effective.

Other types of cancer

CBD has also been proven to be effective against other forms of cancer like thyroid cancer, colon cancer and such.

CBD for Palliative care

CBD is great for cancer and coupled with its ability to reduce pain in patients and give them comfort makes it a potential ideal choice.

So CBD has huge potential, but more work has to be done to determine and find out more of its healing properties.


Is Rick Simpson Oil the Secret to Battling Cancer?

If you’re a pot smoker from around the globe, chances are you’ve seen the documentary ‘Run from the Cure’. The story showcases the enigmatic story of Rick Simpson, the man who used cannabis to recover from skin cancer.

Now, previously the theory that cannabis had anti-cancerous properties was treated as a hoax. But, ever since the documentary showcased how Mr. Simpson specially extracted cannabis oil to combat cancer, the cat was out of the bag. It became a household topic; everyone was heard contemplating the subject ‘RSO Oil cancer cure.’

Today, this blog will discuss the story of Rick Simpson, and it’s relation to cancer.

rick simpson cancer cure

Beginning of the End: Rick Simpson Oil > Cancer

Once upon a time in 1997 before the Cannabis market went mainstream, Rick Simpson was an engineer who staggered upon this plant by chance. He was then working inside a hospital boiler room and using aerosol glue to work on the asbestos pipes. Due to the room being poorly ventilated, the toxic fumes led to him having a nervous shock and breakdown.

Soon, enough he discovered that he had tinnitus, and unfortunately the doctor prescribed medicines took no effect. He then came across a documentary that spoke of the magical properties of the cannabis oil.

Thinking, to take a chance, he went to source cannabis own his own. Soon, after he found how the plant helped him treat his tinnitus. However, even then he did not know the plant’s potential.

After this, a few years later, he found strange bumps appearing on his arm, which the doctor said was a form of skin cancer called cell carcinoma.

While there was less hope Mr. Simpson once more tuned to cannabis. He had heard about the potential benefits of THC to kill cancer cells. Thus, he mixed this special herb and made ‘RSO Oil cancers cure’. True, to the speculations, his bumps were gone after he bandaged his bumps for a few days.

Now, his doctor was skeptical and did not believe in the plant’s medicinal properties. However, convinced that the herb was godly, Mr. Simpson declared that RSO Oil cancers cure is the solution people need to embrace.

Nonetheless, this story did proceed well for Mr. Simpson. He merely went out to assist people in need and helped nearly 5000 patients, but he struggled a lot. His home was burnt, along with that more than 2,600 of his plants were cut down.

Yet, he evaded the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as best possible and ensured that the legacy of RSO Oil cancers cure carries on.

rick simpson oil

Understanding Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson oil is not the same as cannabinoid CBD; Rick Simpson mostly contains a high concentration of THC, (tetrahydrocannabinol) that is responsible for the stoner’s high.

Most of this Rick Simpson is further made from Indicia-heavy strains of cannabis, unlike its counterpart Sativa. Since it has a high concentration of indicia it is more attuned to affect the body than the mind. Benefits include treating anxiety, treating arthritis, curing pain, treating insomnia, depression, etc.

Now, unfortunately, even today there are still States that refuse to acknowledge the potential benefits of THC and legalize it. However, Mr. Simpson’s documentary is opening the eyes of people who today believe the theory that RSO Oil cancers cure.

4 Types of Food You Must Eat for Healthy Skin

Unhealthy diet apart from damaging organs as liver and heart can also impact your skin. So, in short your skin is deemed fit with what you eat. Food with proper nutrients protects skin from harmful oxidative substances, radiation, dirt and sun damage.

Moreover, necessary nutrients also help in increasing the cell turnover to unveil healthier skin underneath. Broadly speaking, a healthy diet is the key to healthy skin. However, according to a survey by a panel physician group, people are more into a junk and ultra-processed food.

Needless to say, processed and manufactured food items are filled with additives and saturated fat. These items have adverse effects on skin fueling several disorders which may go beyond redemption. However, if you wish for glowing and radiant skin, it’s never too late to get started. Start your skin care regime with the best foods suggested by an expert panel physician right away.panel physician

  1. Avocado

Avocados contain healthy fat is required for one’s skin to remain unblemished. Moreover, it also contains Vitamin E which boasts a gamut of benefit-driven features. This is why any experienced panel physician suggests for more intake of avocado the Canadians.

If you are wondering on the benefits, scroll down:

  • Good source of antioxidant due to the presence of Vitamin E
  • Presence of fat restore the skin and keep it moisturized
  • Protects skin from extensive sun damage
  • Fights fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shields skin from oxidative damage

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  1. Sweet Potato

Exercise is considered as a useful way to have healthy skin. However, for couch potatoes exercise is the last thing. So, if you consider yourself under this category, eat sweet potatoes. Rich in beta-carotene, sweet potatoes are an excellent source to fight suntans by acting as a natural sunblock.

Moreover, sweet potatoes also protect skin from sunburn, cell death and dehydration. You can consume a ½-cup serving of sweet potatoes weighing 100 grams and get 4x Vitamin A. This is because this veggie has beta-carotene and it is nothing but a provitamin of Vit A.

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts happen to be an excellent source of essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. The fatty acids are instrumental in dealing with inflammation and several wounds. Walnuts also contain zinc which also renders a positive impact on skin. Moreover, the presence of vitamin E, C and selenium are also noted which too help in maintaining healthy skin.

Mackerel, salmon and herring to name a few fall under the category of fatty fish. Aside from containing essential fatty acids, these fish also contain zinc, protein and vitamin in substantial quantity. All these elements are significant to have healthy skin.

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  1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a phenomenal effect on the skin. So, you have now got another reason to relish. Cocoa powder is supposedly high in antioxidant properties. Patients of a panel physician have experienced more hydrated and thicker skin after consuming cocoa powder for 6 to 12 weeks continuously. Moreover, consumption of dark chocolate also improves blood circulation and skin texture respectively.

So, eating all these items can have a huge impact on your skin. Consider the foods mentioned above to have flawless skin forever.