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Hearing that someone near and dear has cancer can be heartbreaking because there is no foolproof cure for it, but there is a lot of suffering and eventual death for people with late-stage cancers. While chemotherapy, surgery and alternative therapies can be effective in curing to slowing down the progress in some stages, but for those treatments to work, the type of cancer along with its stage has to be determined.

So when talking about the usefulness of CBD oil for cancer, it has to be talked about in the context of different types of treatments.

But one thing has to be noted first- CBD isn’t a magical cure which will work by simply ingesting it to get rid of cancer. This was a misinformation spread when cannabis was illegal. The bottom line is that it needs to be treated like any other medicinal substance and that it shouldn’t replace other components which treat and target cancer in various other ways.

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The Problem with Chemo and effects on CBD

Chemotherapy is effective in targeting cancerous cells because it is highly toxic. But there isn’t any chemotherapy treatment which can target cancer specifically. While it does eliminate some forms of cancer and extends the life of patients, they also suffer a lot of pain. CBD on the other hand:

  • It stops cancer growth and kills those cancerous cells.
  • It has the potential to fully revolutionize the field of cancer treatment since it has both pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative effects.
  • The compounds found in CBD, including THC, doesn’t have those unwanted psychotic effects
  • CBD doesn’t target to the entire body like chemotherapy, it specifically targets the cancer cells and leaves the rest of the body and brain untouched.
  • Previously, CBD was just used to reduce pain, but not to fight cancer itself.

Neuroblastoma and the effects CBD

It is a common form of solid cancer found in children. In cases of advanced stage neuroblastoma, the results are poor even paired with aggressive forms of treatment. Moreover, there belongs term damage to organs which will require additional treatment after cancer gets cured. CBD has shown that positive indications that it can be used against neuroblastoma.

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Brain Cancer and the effects CBD

Brain cancer is difficult to treat and is aggressive. CBD has shown efficacy and promising results regarding it. It is possible that with more research it can help in not just comforting the, but also fully helping them to recover.

Lung Cancer and the effects CBD

It is also very resistant to treatment and it has been seen that chemo and surgery have mixed results but CBD is effective.

Other types of cancer

CBD has also been proven to be effective against other forms of cancer like thyroid cancer, colon cancer and such.

CBD for Palliative care

CBD is great for cancer and coupled with its ability to reduce pain in patients and give them comfort makes it a potential ideal choice.

So CBD has huge potential, but more work has to be done to determine and find out more of its healing properties.