In the world of medical marijuana, you are most certain to come across a form of cannabis that is known as Rick Simpson Oil which is also known as RSO. Rick Simpson Oil is a form of cannabis oil that is concentrated and is also known to have medical benefits. When it comes to having medical benefits it is important to know what is rso.

The obvious question that will inevitably hit your mind is about the origin of this oil and how it came to existence. Of course, you will also be curious to know who Rick Simpson is. To get answer to all your questions that are arising out of curiosity, here are the details that you would love to know about this oil.what is rso

The Story of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is basically a man from Canada who worked as an engineer with a Canadian hospital back in 1997. His worked in the boiler room of the hospital for covering up the asbestos on the pipes of the hospitals using aerosol glue. The poorly ventilated condition of the boiler room did have a bad impact on the engineer; he suffocated from the toxic fumes chocking his nervous systems temporarily. In due course of his work he collapsed and was later taken to the emergency room.

A few years later Rick noticed three bumps on his arm. After consultation with the doctor, it was clear enough that the bumps were cancerous and so proved the biopsy reports. In 2003 it was revealed that Rick Simpson was suffering from skin cancer. At this point, you might be wondering the relation of RSO with the story and what is rso anyway.

Rick Simpson Oil for treating cancer

Generally, when affected with any form of cancer people get panicky and loses all hopes of survival despite not reaching a critical stage. Taking a cue from some of the previous experiments that he had conducted by ingesting Cannabis oil where he also used the same oil from the other illnesses he suffered he decided to take a chance for using the what is rso oil directly on the affected areas of his skin.

His new experiment did not go wrong and the results were exactly at par with his expectations. The cancer lesions started to fade from his skin. This was when Rick Simpson also gained motivation for sharing his personal discovery with others.

what is RSO oil

The discovery of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson’s discovery of Cannabis oil treating cancer lead him to the discovery of Rick Simpson Oil. He began growing Cannabis by himself on his own property despite being ignored by the physicians.

He started with the extraction of oil from the plant and also shared with as many patients it was possible. His plants were destroyed several times by the law enforcement but he still carried on with his experiments for researching what is rso. Rick Simpson continued with the production and also shared with people in need.