If you’re a pot smoker from around the globe, chances are you’ve seen the documentary ‘Run from the Cure’. The story showcases the enigmatic story of Rick Simpson, the man who used cannabis to recover from skin cancer.

Now, previously the theory that cannabis had anti-cancerous properties was treated as a hoax. But, ever since the documentary showcased how Mr. Simpson specially extracted cannabis oil to combat cancer, the cat was out of the bag. It became a household topic; everyone was heard contemplating the subject ‘RSO Oil cancer cure.’

Today, this blog will discuss the story of Rick Simpson, and it’s relation to cancer.

rick simpson cancer cure

Beginning of the End: Rick Simpson Oil > Cancer

Once upon a time in 1997 before the Cannabis market went mainstream, Rick Simpson was an engineer who staggered upon this plant by chance. He was then working inside a hospital boiler room and using aerosol glue to work on the asbestos pipes. Due to the room being poorly ventilated, the toxic fumes led to him having a nervous shock and breakdown.

Soon, enough he discovered that he had tinnitus, and unfortunately the doctor prescribed medicines took no effect. He then came across a documentary that spoke of the magical properties of the cannabis oil.

Thinking, to take a chance, he went to source cannabis own his own. Soon, after he found how the plant helped him treat his tinnitus. However, even then he did not know the plant’s potential.

After this, a few years later, he found strange bumps appearing on his arm, which the doctor said was a form of skin cancer called cell carcinoma.

While there was less hope Mr. Simpson once more tuned to cannabis. He had heard about the potential benefits of THC to kill cancer cells. Thus, he mixed this special herb and made ‘RSO Oil cancers cure’. True, to the speculations, his bumps were gone after he bandaged his bumps for a few days.

Now, his doctor was skeptical and did not believe in the plant’s medicinal properties. However, convinced that the herb was godly, Mr. Simpson declared that RSO Oil cancers cure is the solution people need to embrace.

Nonetheless, this story did proceed well for Mr. Simpson. He merely went out to assist people in need and helped nearly 5000 patients, but he struggled a lot. His home was burnt, along with that more than 2,600 of his plants were cut down.

Yet, he evaded the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as best possible and ensured that the legacy of RSO Oil cancers cure carries on.

rick simpson oil

Understanding Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson oil is not the same as cannabinoid CBD; Rick Simpson mostly contains a high concentration of THC, (tetrahydrocannabinol) that is responsible for the stoner’s high.

Most of this Rick Simpson is further made from Indicia-heavy strains of cannabis, unlike its counterpart Sativa. Since it has a high concentration of indicia it is more attuned to affect the body than the mind. Benefits include treating anxiety, treating arthritis, curing pain, treating insomnia, depression, etc.

Now, unfortunately, even today there are still States that refuse to acknowledge the potential benefits of THC and legalize it. However, Mr. Simpson’s documentary is opening the eyes of people who today believe the theory that RSO Oil cancers cure.